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RJ Rastrelli Investigations is a Fort Lauderdale-based Florida Private Investigation agency serving Florida and the ability to conduct investigations nation wide and internationally. Specializing in surveillance, civil and criminal investigations, infidelity, skip tracing/locate person, juvenile runaway recovery, web and social media investigations, fraud and executive protection. RJ Rastrelli Investigations is known across the country as the premier private investigative agency. RJ Rastrelli Investigations has a Nationwide Database System, along with state-of-the-art surveillance and monitoring equipment including night vision cameras, minicams, and various types of surveillance vehicles. Also, state of the art training to meet your executive protection needs.

When it comes to finding the truth, no one does it better than RJ Rastrelli Investigations. We are a full-service private investigation firm that has the experience and knowledge to handle most any investigation. We will find you reliable and trustworthy results that support significant personal and professional decisions and outcomes. Whether you have a nagging suspicion or need physical evidence to prove your case, you can rest assured our investigators will get the job done.

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  • Founded by 20 Year Retired Law Enforcement Supervisor/Detective
  • Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Criminal Justice
  • Specializing in Criminal/Civil Defense, Investigations, and Surveillance
  • Member, Florida Association of Licensed Investigators
  • Local Investigations, National and Worldwide
  • Executive Protection
  • Veteran Owned and Operated Private Investigation Agency
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!